SHANGHAI POWER EQUIPMENT RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SPERI) was founded in 1959, with the original name of Turbine & Boiler Research Institute. It is the development and application research institute of the power plant industry in China.  On July 1, 1999, it was transformed into a science and technology based enterprise by a reforming of localization management. It was renamed the Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute after approval in March 2006. SPERI won the title of a new-high technology corporation of Shanghai, a performance excellence management implementation advance enterprise and in the first group of innovation demonstration pilot enterprise of Shanghai, the second group of intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise, and the third group of national innovation pilot enterprise. SPERI passed Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management System test.

SPERI mainly engages in research on the key and common technologies of large-scale fossil power and nuclear power equipments and their automatic systems. Combining the scientific experiment research and technical service, design and general contracting projects, and the supervision and management over the equipment and construction of projects, and provides high-tech automatic control products and auxiliary products as well as electromechanical integration products.

SPERI organizes and takes charge of major equipment research and manufacture plans such as the technical introduction and assimilation of the whole-set 300MW and 600MW fossil power generating units and over 500 key scientific and technological projects of the State and Shanghai. It has undertaken thousands of scientific research development projects consigned by the enterprises of the power equipment and electric power industries, and gained 186 major scientific and technological fruit awards and new product awards of the States, ministries and Shanghai. It has 104 States patents to its name, including 58 invention patents.

SPERI is an affiliated unit of the China Society of Power Engineering a, the secretary-general unit of China Standardization Committee on Steam Turbines as well as its director commissioner, the secretary-general unit of the Boiler Branch of China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels as well as its director commissioner, the State Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Thermal Power Equipment. SPERI has the right to grant master’s degrees of thermal power engineering and power machinery and engineering majors. It sponsors the national first-class publications Journal of Power Engineering and Power Equipment. It is the council unit of China Machinery Industry Federation, the vice-chairman unit of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and the director unit of the information network of the power equipment industry of China.

SPERI keeps in close conjunction with enterprise’s development strategy and follows the state’s development strategy. It takes “developing environmental-friendly, economic and credible power generation equipment and technology for society” as its mission, and insists on the core value of “sharing, pursuit of truth, benefits, responsibility and innovation”, constantly improving its independent innovative ability and actively making contributions to the scientific and technological progress of the power equipment industry of China.

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