SPEM now has more than 800 employees. Besides owning over 500 medium and large-scale numerical control machine tool and various kinds of specialized testing facilities, SPEM also has the most advanced test bed for examining boiler feed pump, hydraulic variable speed coupling and vertical condensate pump. SPEM has obtained certification of ISO9001:2000 QA System and possessed dozens of state-level patents.

SPEM adheres to the philosophy of “satisfied program, eminent manufacture——boosting clean energy” to carry out company’s “Two Million” strategy, that is, offering the auxiliaries for 1000 megawatt thermal power set and 1000 megawatt class nuclear power set, following the state’s general guidelines of “energy-saving and emission-reducing, developing clean energy”. SPEM is unswervingly seeking new breakthrough via constant innovation.

Gearing to the needs of market and future, SPEM, on the way to the advanced manufacturing, always dedicates itself to design and make sophisticated energy-saving type BFP set as well as high performance hydraulic coupling, HT/HP valves and welding consumables, thus fulfilling its social responsibility for sustainable development of economy and society with quality product, satisfactory service and other act beneficial to human being.

With first-class technology, good faith, all-round service program, and global market eyeshot, SPEM will make its mission clear to all: providing clients with the best products by bending itself to innovation and progress. SPEM will take its courage in both hands in China’s development of power equipment industry.


With the development of technology applied in power plant, boiler feed water pump is being improved towards high-capacity and high-head requirement. SPEM possesses BFP core design technology, including more than a dozen of independent intellectual properties. Many series of BFP products have been localized via introducing advanced technology and self-innovation.

SPEM’s boiler feed pump series, as a centrifugal pump with multistage, incorporates an integrated cartridge which can be withdrawn as a whole and barrel design with double casings. The rigid rotor allows pump in short time duty under partial vaporization. The single balance piston and labyrinth seal basically avoids axial contact between rotor and stator shaft. BFP features compact size, less stages, high efficiency as well as reliable operation. They have been widely applied in 50MW~1000MW thermal nuclear and power plants. According to drive mode, BFP for large scale power plant can be divided into two types: motor and turbo pump.

As an enterprise which earliest developed BFP, SPEM has become a professional leading one and now is seizing on the biggest shares of domestic power product market, with the top design capability and sufficient experience.

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